Atom Smasher – Instrumental progressive metal with a twist

As part of my New Year’s resolution to write a brand new track a month, May witnesses the release of ‘Atom Smasher’, an instrumental proggresive metal track written around the theme of a science experiment gone wrong.

In truth, I was influenced heavily by the story line of Event Horizon, a film that etched a fair handful of nightmares on mind. That classic Sam Neil line – ‘Where we’re going we don’t need eyes to see!’ still sends shivers down my spine.

The track features some heavy 8 string riffs, courtesy of my Ibanez Iron Label, plus a whole load of twisted synth sounds and lead guitar dissonance. Enjoy!

Department of Asphyxiation

I’m in the process of writing a brand new instrumental prog metal record for a 2015 release titled ‘Atom Smasher’. Department is going to feature on the record being a blend of heavy 8 string guitar riffs, ambient synths and huge drums. Department of Asphyxiation – simples 😉

New Website!

Hey folks,

Today witnesses my website being revamped to a more modern and easy to maintain framework, that I am really excited about! Gone are the days of feebly trying to remember HTML code tags, which are being swapped for the power of ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ backed up by the flexibility of WordPress.

This entails much more regular updates to my news page where I will share details and progress being made with my new instrumental release ‘Atom Smasher’: Currently a work in progress I am aiming to get ‘Atom Smasher’ out for an early 2015 release, so watch this space!


Destructor (EP) Release

It’s out 😉

“Blending elements of epic progressive rock, grinding tech metal and atmospheric symphonic jazzy trip outs, the Destructor EP pays homage to guitar virtuoso Gareth Thomas’s wide and diverse range of musical influences.

The EP features 5 epic instrumental songs including 1 former Garage Band chart topper (The Pariah) designed to take the listener on a 25 minute journey through the tranquil and serene to the downright aggressive and heavy. Grab your headphones and prepare for the ride!

The EP is currently available to purchase on iTunes and will soon be available via Bandcamp. All support is greatly appreciated.”

The music player below allows audio enjoyment of the whole record: –

Terminator 2 – Epic Symphonic Metal Cover

Time for a bit of a cover. The original theme song for Terminator 2 by Brad Fiedel is one of my personal favorites from the land of film scoring.

Staying fairly true to the original the first part is an orchestrated arrangement of the theme tune, and the second part descends into a heavy rock and harmony laden wig out.

I remember the first time I watched this movie and being blown away – great 90’s memories! I hope you enjoy the video below: –


Destructor Music Video

Pulling one out of the back catalogs of history, a video for my progressive metal track Destructor. The track was written using a 6 string Fender Strat, with drop B tuning for extra heaviness.

Style wise the track is along the lines of bands like Meshuggah, Arch Enemy and Machine Head, featuring a tech metal based intro and then a harmony laden heavy outro similar to Master of Puppets era Metallica.

The idea for putting the track together with video footage came after watching the video ‘Duck and Cover’ at the Prelinger archives. This was a video shown to school children in the USA during the Cold War so they would know what to do if an atom bomb was ever dropped. Pretty scary stuff!

The track is set against a mix of footage showing nuclear warhead testing, and blends well with the dark subject matter.


The Theory – My Ambient Prog Rock Debut…

A light, airy and atmospheric Progressive Rock record. ‘The Theory’ features ethereal synth textures and melodic guitar ambiance, seamlessly melded with spiraling lead guitar work and angular distorted riffs.

Gareth’s debut record stays true to his unique vision of blending light and dark, to create an intricate musical journey that moves from out-worldly alien landscapes to the burning fires of rock.

Crack open a beer or even a glass of wine then lay back and enjoy the journey!

‘The Theory’ is currently available to purchase on iTunes and will also be available via Bandcamp shortly. Gareth appreciates all support to help him continue making wild instrumental music for your enjoyment.